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Perpetual Finales 

“Perpetual Finales offers a sonic contemplation on endings, closures, finales and, perhaps, anticlimaxes. A finale in and of itself, it sonifies the third part in mistral’s Summer Hangouts, and indeed, the last week of summer 2020.

On the evening of the New Moon in Libra, the sign of balance, Urok Shirhan teams up with Radio Alhara resident dj’s Cascou and Youset, in a collective effort comprising three different takes on the idea of ‘endings’ in music. This collective collection for mistral also marks the third part of a series of shows by Youset (Yousef Anastas, Radio Alhara co-founder). The first part was made up of sonic ‘beginnings’, overtures and openings, and the second consisted of a selection sonifying ‘thresholds’ and other in-between states.  Perpetual Finales traverses manifold interpretations of and associations with the idea of a ‘finale’: as a conclusion, a breaking point, catharsis, relief… or as unresolved, gridlocked, not ready to let go...

Perpetual Finales will be audible in a trio of locales: through Radio Alhara, broadcasting live from Bethlehem, Palestine; through Jajajaneeneenee, broadcasting live from Amsterdam; and on-site at mistral’s physical space.”

*    all proceeds of this evening are donated to Tunefork Studio’s Beirut Musicians' Fund