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Artist and researcher
working at the intersection
of performance, visual arts
and critical theory. 


Just Songs  

Arabic Letter Seen س
Arabic Letter Wow و

Of Quiet Whispers and Loud Speakers 

A Loud Voice Never Dies

Lovesong Revolution
The Post National Anthems
Empty Orchestra
Watani Al Akbar  


Theater of Operations, Exhibition
MoMA PS1, New York
Research Fellow 2019/2020      
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst
Post Opera, Exhibition

Delfina Foundation, Residency

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Arabic Letter Seen س
Arabic Letter Wow و


Arabic Letter Seen س, Arabic Letter Wow و
Performative Essay
43 minutes

What does it mean to exist as an image, as something seen but never comprehended? What happens when a language is visible yet continually misread, or made illegible?

«Arabic Letter Seen س Arabic Letter Wow و» is a performative essay that investigates the relations between image, language, and power. Presenting a collection of found materials, Urok Shirhan speculates on practices that engage with Arabic through forms of Othering – as well as resistance – and explores the extent to which they amount to what she calls “the slow violence of images”.

This iteration of Arabic Letter Seen س Arabic Letter Wow و was tailor made for a live online performance as hosted by the Mosaic Rooms in London in September 2021.